Extra Long Ties

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Do you have problems tying a regular sized necktie to the right length so that the tip ends at the center of your belt buckle? Chances are that you might need a special sized extra long tie.

Most department stores don’t bother to carry extra long ties in their inventory. When asking the sales staff it is not surprising that they are unaware that extra long ties even exist. Specialty men’s stores such as Men’s Warehouse however do carry a few extra long ties, although their selection is very limited when comparing it to their offering of regular sized neckties.

If all this sounds familiar to you, then extra-long-ties.com is the right place for you to find out more information. This site is a complete informational guide for extra long ties. It is my goal to create a site for fellow tall men that have problems tying a regular sized tie. At extra-long-ties.com you will find information only focusing on extra long ties including:

In addition to these main topics I am very open to suggestions on other topics regarding extra long ties. Also, please feel free to visit the blog on this site to leave comments on recent posts. I would be really excited to hear your opinion about how to make this site more useful for all of us needing XL neckties.